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An Occupational Hazard

No, I don’t know what fear is. And I honestly wish I did. Even after taking a course in Psychology, it still doesn’t make sense to me.

All I know is what can cause it; typically a bad experience. For instance, it was over a year ago that a rocks glass mysteriously shattered in my hand, and caused a lot of bleeding,and now I’m deathly afraid of glass… alright, that’s a lie, I haven’t developed a…

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Clever of DHX Media to sneak it in without being noticed by the FCC.

I feel the need to point out, it’s not the FCC one needs to be worried about in these situations. It’s One Million Moms and other sources of bigotry.

Ever hear of SheZow? It’s a show all about a cross-dressing superhero, and shortly after it first premiered, these idiots got up in arms! How dare you portray a character that doesn’t fit into our preconceived notions of gender!

It’s perfectly legal for them to portray gay characters in children’s media. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet, is because homophobia is common in people with big mouths and too much time on their hands.

The only reason Littlest Pet Shop got away with it, is because it’s subtle, and those people are thick.

Communication Breakdown

“The main point of this self-help DVD is that only you can help you. No need for me then, thanks for the twenty quid.” – Hugh Dennis, Mock the Week

I shouldn’t have to mention how redundant the self-help industry is. Nonetheless, it’s a booming field, patronized by individuals who’re well aware that they have problems, and want to fix them. The problem is, they think the solution is in a book.


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Because You’re Worthless

Because You’re Worthless

A little over two weeks ago, Robin Williams killed himself.

Oh, what a bright and cheery way to open this piece.

But he did! It happened, and I honestly can’t ever remember being this broken up over a celebrity’s death. I mean, maybe Michael Jackson; but then I wasn’t sad, I was just surprised. But with Robin Williams, I was seriously broken up over it. And it didn’t take me long to realize why:…

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Excuses, Excuses…


Have you ever set a deadline for yourself and then suddenly found yourself 5 hours behind because of random malware on your parent’s laptop, reorganizing luggage bags to save money and weight, checking in to a flight, waiting for dad to stop talking to a relative so I could get his card to pay for checking bags, and then fixing a printer to print out boarding passes?


I regularly set deadlines for myself, and I continually miss them!

During the school year, I had college as an excuse! It’s summer! What’s wrong with me!?

I know my most recent post is currently a week behind schedule. Mainly because it made me nervous and scared and I didn’t want to write it. It’s all about Robin Williams, depression, and My Little Pony. But I know I have to for my own sake, the sake of others who are in the same boat, and because I got a bit of a tradition going on here.

Thankfully, at this point, I finally muscled through the hard part, so my review of Equestria Games will be released by Saturday at the latest, for those who care.

It also doesn’t help that I found a few really cool Commander Keen mods.


This is a story that shocks and disgusts me. But if it’s true, I can’t let it stand.

Just please, people, have a bit of self-respect, because if you think grabbing a woman’s hand and putting it on your junk is a proper chat-up line, you’re an idiot.

OOC: I’m this…FUCKING CLOSE…to leaving this damn fandom!


I can’t stand alot of my fellow bronies. I feel ashamed to call myself a brony, I feel so mad. That there are horrible people like this, who happen to be in this fandom. I wish the entire fandom of brony’s was mature actual…adults. Not men who waiste their time bullying people and breaking the law calling it brony pride. It breaks my heart to see all these people doing this and suffering. I hate the image it gave My Little Pony. I hate how…what could have been such a wonderful fandom…turned into a gruesome battle feild. (metophricaly of course.) I mean, why do they feel they need to take these actions and bring them to the extreme? Why can’t they act like the mature adults they are and just, made fan base and maybe…TAG THEIR PORN. I don’t give two shits if a adult man loves My Little Pony, spends THEIR HARD EARNED CASH…to buy a truck load of merchendice, clops, draws porn, and whatever those men wanna do. As long as they tag their porn and not go overboard with the extremes as most already have. It’s ok to like the show! Yet, another thing I don’t understand. The show is about friendship yet brony’s (not all, the ones who do this) bully other people for it! What the hell!? I mean…common!…*sigh* and this is comming from someone who isent even 18! -.-

My friend, you are not the only one who noticed. And you know what’s terrible? My attempts to report improperly flagged porn to tumblr took way too friggen long.

Eventually, after a bit of googling, I found their Community Guidelines page, and noticed that this is specifically mentioned as not being on. Therefore, I had to send them an email of all things to report it. Not that I have a problem with email, but a properly-designed site in the social-networking sphere, should require the use of email as little as possible!

I honestly think it’s about time someone at tumblr gave serious thought to integrating a ‘report abuse’ button on user posts, or failing that, user profiles. Because that was way too difficult. I guess there may be cases where people will abuse the ‘report abuse.’ But if they design it well, it shouldn’t be a major problem.


So I’ve finally catching up on Season 4 of MLP and…

Am I high, or has the series gotten, like, five times better? The writing and characterization feels a lot more consistent, as well as the continuity. I’m seeing less of the problem it had where characters would be inexplicably dickish to each other. Even when they get mad or go too far they always back off and apologize very quickly. And best of all, they put an end to episodes only focusing on one character. For a while I was wondering how these ponies were even friends because they barely spent time with each other. Did they hire a new writing staff? 

Basically, all the bitching and moaning I’ve heard about season 4 seems to be dead wrong. It’s great.

Have people been bitching and moaning about season four? I never noticed. Then again I don’t really pay attention to other people’s opinions on the show.

But as for the series getting ‘five times better’? It’s certainly a step up from season three. And I think we can credit at least some of that to the Princess Twilight shake up.

And since you brought it up, there are a few new faces in the writing staff, who I think have produced some of the season’s best material. Like Josh Haber, who wrote Castle Mane-ia and Simple Ways. Both of which were amazing.

And there are a few mainstays who’ve also been turning out some great material as well. Like Meghan McCarthy, who turned out the sublime season premiere. And that’s something we can credit to the new dynamic that was created by Twilight’s transformation. And people scoffed at that. Show’s how wrong I were—I mean ‘they were.’

Of course, there have been a few flops this season, but that always happens. Nothings perfect. Overall, I think it’s been phenomenal.

So who are these people saying this season’s shit? Come on, give me names! Let’s go over and bust their kneecaps.

We Can Be Better!


theblackwidower replied to your post: “The inbox for Rain Catcher depresses me.”:
I feel the need to ask: Why? What in it depresses you so?

A good amount of the messages I got since the last update pretty much said, “RAIN CATCHER, YOU BETTER NOT FUCK/IMPREGNATE THEM.” And it’s kinda annoying.

Also, and this might be the unfair part, the messages in there just aren’t that good. Too many of them are incomprehensible, unrelated, or just plain stupid. And I say it might be unfair to say this because I’m comparing them to PC’s or Diaries’ asks.

I guess it’s just me having expectations and then getting disappointed.

Admittingly, I haven’t read the Rain Catcher blog in a long time, because I noticed the story ties into Pregnant/Motherly Scootaloo, and I honestly got bored with that story a long time ago. It just stopped being interesting.

And because I hate to follow a story out-of-order, I just stopped reading both. This is why I stopped watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and only continued after I went to the theatres to catch the new Captain America.

So because of that, I don’t know the full context of this. But whatever is going on, if people are responding like that… I think Rain Catcher should be very much insulted, and would feel righteous telling them to fuck off.

Because (during what little I’ve read) he’s grown as a character, and is a good lad, and would never make a mistake like that again. That event was in his past, and if people are gonna keep bringing up your past, they’re assholes.

We’ve all done things we’re not 100% proud of in our lives, and we all learn from these mistakes and become better people because of them. I know neither you, or I, are the same people we were a year ago; we’ve all grown. And if people keep bringing up your past, and acting as if you’re the same person you were then, I’m pretty sure they have issues they need to deal with. After all, we assume of others what we know of ourselves. 

Of course there are obvious exceptions to this: If you kill or rape someone, for instance, I think that’s a valid thing to keep bringing up.

But Rain Catcher just knocked up his girlfriend and scarpered. Bad, but not the worst thing in the world, and not something to hold over his head till the end of time. And I’m saying this as a man whose father did the exact same fucking thing! Will I hold it against him if and when we ever meet? Maybe, but I’d rather look to the future than dwell on the past. 

Comedian Louis C.K. takes to Twitter to blast Common Core

Okay, I love math, don’t get me wrong. But… What is the point of all this!? Especially when we’re talking about eight-year-old kids!? The most complicated thing these kids should have to deal with is exponents!




Comedian Louis C.K. had some harsh words on Twitter after he spent time trying to help his children decipher their Common Core math homework.





 Common Core…turning smart kids into dumb kids since 2012.

It would be a crime not to reblog this.