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Love in a Dumbwaiter

Love in a Dumbwaiter

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of romantic plotlines. Mainly because I think avoiding the issue is just ridiculous. On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, only one main character ever expressed even a modicum of interest in a member of the opposite sex. The other five appear to actively avoid romance for no discernible reason. Well, that is with the possible exceptions of Twilight, who…

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Malicious in Vogue

One of the many things that differentiates Littlest Pet Shop from My Little Pony, is the setting.

One may think that’s a superficial distinction, but it’s not. The world of Equestria is a land of magic, unicorns, and fairy tale castles; where everyone is nice to each other, and nothing ever goes wrong.

In contrast, Littlest Pet Shop takes place in (for the most part) the real world. Downtown City…

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An Alien Confusion

I would love to meet an alien. Who wouldn’t?

To start, I think it would be nice to finally know that we’re not alone in the universe; It’d make existence seem less lonely. We’d be exposed to a brand new culture, one we couldn’t have even fathomed before, and we’d gain new ideas about biology and evolution. We’d have new motivation to explore the stars ourselves, and they could answer the…

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Coming Up Raccoons

Back in April, approximately two months ago, Littlest Pet Shop had its second season finale.

It wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t a great one either. Sort of middle-ground sludge, just waiting for something to happen. All it seemed to do was set up future plot points as Blythe becomes a well-known pet-fashion designer. And to end a season on thatseems like they’re just egging us on. Hey, look…

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The Test of a Lifetime

The Test of a Lifetime

I’ll tell you one thing: I love being a student.

I constantly learn new things, I’m staying relatively productive, I get out of the house, and I have a set schedule that I can’t blow off.

Now, that may not seem like a fun time, but it’s way better than being unemployed while having nothing to do.

Plus, I’m earning a diploma, to begin a lucrative career in a field I love. Assuming I can actually…

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A Chance for Success

A Chance for Success

A season finale is a chance to do something big, something epic, something amazing! Just like season premieres, or holiday specials, or mid-season two-parters.

This is opposed to the filler episodes that are produced because you’ve been commissioned for 26 episodes, and have to put something out.

Most shows operate in this vein. You have a few big event-based episodes, where most of the effort…

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This is a story that shocks and disgusts me. But if it’s true, I can’t let it stand.

Just please, people, have a bit of self-respect, because if you think grabbing a woman’s hand and putting it on your junk is a proper chat-up line, you’re an idiot.

It’s Not… Strictly Speaking, Legal

It’s Not… Strictly Speaking, Legal

Last season, on My Little Pony, Scootaloo got her first character-development episode… and ended up getting overshadowed by Princess Luna.

At least, in my mind she did. The revelation of Luna’s dream sharing powers, just seemed way more intriguing than Scootaloo’s fear of ghost stories.

Sadly, unlike some films that explored this exact same concept,the episode didn’t really spend much time on…

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OOC: I’m this…FUCKING CLOSE…to leaving this damn fandom!


I can’t stand alot of my fellow bronies. I feel ashamed to call myself a brony, I feel so mad. That there are horrible people like this, who happen to be in this fandom. I wish the entire fandom of brony’s was mature actual…adults. Not men who waiste their time bullying people and breaking the law calling it brony pride. It breaks my heart to see all these people doing this and suffering. I hate the image it gave My Little Pony. I hate how…what could have been such a wonderful fandom…turned into a gruesome battle feild. (metophricaly of course.) I mean, why do they feel they need to take these actions and bring them to the extreme? Why can’t they act like the mature adults they are and just, made fan base and maybe…TAG THEIR PORN. I don’t give two shits if a adult man loves My Little Pony, spends THEIR HARD EARNED CASH…to buy a truck load of merchendice, clops, draws porn, and whatever those men wanna do. As long as they tag their porn and not go overboard with the extremes as most already have. It’s ok to like the show! Yet, another thing I don’t understand. The show is about friendship yet brony’s (not all, the ones who do this) bully other people for it! What the hell!? I mean…common!…*sigh* and this is comming from someone who isent even 18! -.-

My friend, you are not the only one who noticed. And you know what’s terrible? My attempts to report improperly flagged porn to tumblr took way too friggen long.

Eventually, after a bit of googling, I found their Community Guidelines page, and noticed that this is specifically mentioned as not being on. Therefore, I had to send them an email of all things to report it. Not that I have a problem with email, but a properly-designed site in the social-networking sphere, should require the use of email as little as possible!

I honestly think it’s about time someone at tumblr gave serious thought to integrating a ‘report abuse’ button on user posts, or failing that, user profiles. Because that was way too difficult. I guess there may be cases where people will abuse the ‘report abuse.’ But if they design it well, it shouldn’t be a major problem.